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My Birthday Page

We call it Automated Convenience because with it:
You will never Forget to send Birthdays/Anniversaries Wishes Again!

Get your own MTSBN My Birthday Page
(>>Just click on the My Birthday Page picture below to join<<)

for just $19.99 a year

3 Simple Steps that provide Automated Convenience
of a My Birthday Page Account:

1. You receive your own external Entry Page address that allows anyone you wish to enter their own information quickly and easily so they can be added to your Birthday/Anniversary Email Contact List - (Also, it makes it simple for adding the information of those family/friends that are close to ensure they receive your Best Wishes for their special moments)

(If you do nothing else after Step 1, here is what will happen:)

2. You will receive an email notification at the end of the month for all of next months events that are in your Birthday/Anniversary lists. The day before each event you will receive an email notification reminding you about them.

3. The day of their Special Event, the program will automatically personalize and send your Happy Birthday/Anniversary Email Message!

Please Note: You do not have to log into an account, you do not have to press send nor do you have to construct anything. If they are in either of your lists, you will never forget to send them well wishes from year to year!

Plus as a bonus, it also places entries in an Automated Weekly Message Email program that allows you to keep everyone up to date with your latest news/info with individualized emails from you to each contact in your list (you must opt-in and manage this feature)

Best of all, it takes all the time out of the equation on your part after putting in close entries just once and sharing your Birthday page with everyone else!

The program, built with an unlimited database structure and with complete automation helps to keep you from forgetting those special events from those you care about!

It's a fact, almost everyone loves to celebrate their Birthday!

And now you never have to forget getting that card, or running
out of time to let someone you know that you thought about them on their Special Day!

Think about these things when considering this program:
  • Let's face it, Birthday emails are not the most warmest felt way to share Happy Birthday; but they can be used to make certain you don't miss that moment to help friends, family or colleagues celebrate a time that is important to them!

  • Since Birthdays are all year round, it is hard enough to keep up with this event with those closest to you. Compile that with friends and colleagues and distant family members and now it becomes even more impossible to even keep your calendar straight with everyone's special date.

  • This program allows those you share your page with to enter their information which helps you keep from writing it down wrong, misplacing it, or losing it. It will also automatically keep track of everyone's birthday for you, just put in your closest entries, share your page with those distant family, friends, or colleagues for self-entry and let the program work for you!

  • Plus you have the option to manually input those you already know and send out emails on the same day that you put them in knowing they are delivered the very same day!

  • Just ask yourself this question, have you remembered everyone's birthday this last year and at least sent an email to say so? If not, then you may really like this program!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How does the Birthday Email Reminder Tool work?

    A: When a person enters their name, email and birth day and month on your My Birthday Page they will be added to your Birthday Database.

    Q: After my friends or family enter their information, are they sent any other emails other than mine?

    A: No. Your database stores your friends and family and are available to your email program only.

    Q: When do the automatic emails go out?

    Those in your database will be sent an automated Birthday Email from you and it goes out at the beginning of their Birthday.

    Q: How does the Anniversary email program work?

    A: This program works exactly like the Birthday Emails, just with a Happy Anniversary email instead of Birthday.

    Q. What is the Weekly Message Email Program?

    A: The “Unlimited & Automated” Weekly Message Email program is fed with each Birthday Club or Anniversary entry. It is a message that you can distribute to your friends, colleagues, family once a week on Mondays. After you opt-in, an automated email will go out individualized to each person with your message.

    Q: How long will it take to make My Birthday Page active?

    A: Your My Birthday Page is live immediately following your payment being made and making your account live.

    Q: Do emails have the unsubscribe/remove functionality?

    A: Yes, all of our emails have the remove me function on the bottom of each email for automatic removals.

    Q: How can I join?

    A: Simply use the code provided you at to get your account set up today!